Would you like to look younger and
have more energy?

Would you like to sail effortlessly
into an active retirement, avoiding
cancer, heart disease, dementia and
Alzheimer’s disease as you age?

Keep your looks, health, memory and
vitality for far longer than average by
applying the very best anti-aging tips
to defeat cancer & heart disease now!

My special Anti-Aging report has 1,070+ pages of
anti-aging tips to help you feel like you’re 30,
physically and mentally, even when you’re 60!

(I wish someone had given me this report 40 years ago!)

The Short Story

     The human body peaks at age 25.
     red underscore

healthspan rectangularisation graph

     The above graph represents the life and health span of the average person. The length of the green line in the above graph is life span - how long you live. The section shaded green is the amount of health in your years. You can see the amount of health in your years starts on a steep incline as you grow the body to a peak at age 25 then starts a gradual decline until death. The yellow section represents the health you lose as your body ages. This loss of health is largely avoidable. The process of moving that dividing line so more of the yellow is shaded green is called the recantgularisation of your healthspan. The optimum is to not lose any health after age 25, to have no yellow section at all and to retain all your physical and mental capacity until you die in a hang gliding accident at 150+ years of age!

     The average is vastly different from that. If you are past age 25, your body has been as good as it will ever be. By age 35 you have lost 13% of your hormone production capacity and it only gets worse from there. You are now on the slippery slope towards overweight or obesity, cancer, heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that is the sorry lot of the majority. The vast majority. Currently in Western civilization, 91% of people die from heart disease, cancer or neurodegenerative disease (stroke, Alzheimer’s or the like).

     Based on statistics, you, your spouse and your friends will nearly all die an early death from an avoidable disease. Unless you do something out of the ordinary!

     Do average things and you will get average results! To get an above average result you have to do different things.

The Perfect Storm of Health Destroyers

The Perfect Storm of Health Destroyers

     Right now your body faces a perfect storm of health destroyers. Each of these factors predisposes you to, promotes, precipitates or prolongs degenerative diseases.

     I will repeat, these degenerative disease are, in the main, entirely avoidable. The decisions you make and the daily actions you take affect how quickly your body ages. These decisions are important decisions but not urgent. Like the medical profession, you could wait until it’s a crisis before you start managing it. I don’t recommend it, but you could do it. After all, most people do. It kills them, but it is still the norm nad nearly everyone does it. I’d like to think it was because they did not know any better. That I can easily solve.

     The marketing people I know tell me that the average person will not buy my special anti-aging report until it’s too late, because it does not satisfy an urgent need. Well, I hope you are an above average person who will buy it, read it and apply it, because these anti-aging tips are vitally important for your future health. This report will put you ahead of the game. Your decision today could be the first of many you will make that will take you into the future in full possession of your physical health and mental capacity, disease and drug free. You just need to know how to do that.

     Over the last 3 years I have spent well over 2,000 hours researching anti-aging strategies. I have collected the very best of these anti-aging tips into a special report so you don’t have to spend the same 2,000+ hours ferreting them out.

Degenerative diseases are mostly avoidable!

     Your current problem is twofold:

1. Right now you are suffering from something of which you are not aware - AAADD.
That stands for “Artificially Accelerated Aging and its Degenerative Diseases.”
I did not invent the condition, I just named it.
The condition is where your mind and body are aging far faster than they need to. This is due to factors of which you are not aware. Factors that, if you knew about them, could alter your future health for the better. Sometimes drastically!

2. Too many people and organisations make too much money from your future suffering for them to ever let you in on the secrets to maintaining great mental and physical health, well into your later years.

     To remedy this I have compiled a special report of anti-aging tips. More than 1,070 pages of the best anti-aging strategies and tips I have read and heard in over 1,200 hours of research on health, nutrition, diet and exercise. It contains both the wisdom of the ancients and the latest cutting edge breakthroughs in anti-aging research.

     I have had a few people read the first drafts of my anti-aging report and will let you in on their responses:

I love your style - very easy to read and amusing. I like the range of content and know this will help me with improving my baseline health and reinforcing the new habits I am developing since my decision to lose weight. Loved the bit on self-discipline and choosing which pain you want! (Exactly where I am at!)

All in all - I am excited by your book and congratulate you on creating it. There are so many peole who will find it helpful I am sure.

More later when I have read some more! - Jennifer

By the way I have started reading your book, great stuff!
Thanks again for recommending it. - Elise

     What you will get from my special report is an education into what factors cause body aging and mental decline and what specific actions you can take to prevent, reverse or slow these aging factors so you can live the healthiest life.

     Just to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of this report, here is the current table of contents. I reserve the right to add more data and even more chapters - so don’t hold me to these page numbers! :-)

Table of Contents

Section One - Introduction & Orientation
Fast Start Guide
Will You Read This Book?
How To Read This book
Existing and Ideal Scenes
Reduce The Gap
Some Statistics
Some Background
On Lifespans
The Sixteen Pillars of Optimal Health
Constructive Impatience

Section Two - The Body, What Is It, How Does It Work?
You and Your Body
The Optimal Condition for a Body
Some Body Statistics
Your Body’s Immune System
Ten Ways To Improve Autophagy
Germ Versus Terrain Theory
What’s YOUR Goal?
The Villain of the Piece - AAADD - Artificially Accelerated Aging and Degenerative Disease
Mainstream Medicine – Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?
Doctors and Nutrition
Is Your Body Really Hungry? - The Seven Types of Hunger

Section Three - Body Fuel - Air, Water and Nutrition
What’s Your Nutritional Awareness Level?
The Purpose of Food
What is the Optimal Diet?
CRONies (Calorie Restriction, Optimal Nutrition)
Hunter/Gatherer Diet
Carnivore or Vegetarian or Vegan?
Listen To Your Body
MACRO and MICRO Nutrients
Sugar and Other Sweeteners
Glycemic Index
Fats and Oils
Butter versus Margarine
Vitamins, Minerals and Other Supplements
Survival Versus Longevity Nutrients
Fulvic Acid
When to Take Your Vitamins and Supplements
Raw and Live Foods
Food Combining
Acid/Alkaline Diet
Meal Composition and Size
Food Handling and Preparation
Cooking Food
Keeping Stored Food Fresh
Immune System Boosters
Avoid Antibiotics
Natural Antibiotics
Herbs and Spices
Intelligence and Memory
Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity
Cow’s Milk and Bone Health
Breastfeeding Babies
Tom’s Recipes
Performance Enhancement
Coffee Enemas

Section Four – Soil Health
Soil Health

Section Five - Toxins
Understanding Toxicity and Anti-Aging
Immune System Suppressors
Microwaves - The Most Dangerous Technology Ever Invented
ElectroMagnetic Frequency/Radiation
Volume II
Poison in the Air
Poison in the Cleaning Products
Poison in the Drinks - Alcohol
Poison in the Food
Poison in the Garden
Poison in the Lights
Poison in the Medications
Poison in the Pantry
Poison in the Water
Poison on the Skin
Toxic Clothes
How to Detox Using Oil Pulling
How to Reduce the Toxic Effects of a Vaccination
Post Covid Jab Detox Protocol

Section Six – Your Mind
Self Management - It’s All In the State of Mind
Improving Your Chances for Success
Where is Your Line in the Sand?
Intention / Motivation Level
Which Pain Will You Suffer?
Laughter – Still the Best Medicine
Not Knowing Your Basic Purpose and Lack of a Goal

Section Seven - Lifestyle Choices
Sedentary Lifestyle
Physical Fitness
Stretching Exercises
Vibrating Plates
Pet Ownership

Section Eight – Your Environment
Disaster Preparedness
Grey Man Theory: The Art Of Blending In During Disaster

Section Nine - Slowing the Aging Process
What is Aging?
On Increasing Your Lifespan
The Five Processes of Aging
Dr Tsang’s Theories of Aging & Natural Anti-Aging Strategies
Inflammation Reducers
Oxidation, Free Radicals and Antioxidants
Anti-Aging Nutrients
Brain Boosting Exercises
Fasting and Longevity
Tools to Use

Section Ten - Closing Comments
Pay It Forward

Section Eleven - Illnesses, Diseases and Other Health Issues
Acid Reflux
Alzheimer’s Disease
Autoimmune Disease
Blood Clots
Cancer - Angiogenesis
Cancer - Chemotherapy
Cancer Prevention
Cancer Detection and Diagnosis
Cancer Treatment Data
Cancer - Data on Types of
Colds and Flu, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Crohn’s Disease
Volume III
Digestive Upsets
Down Syndrome
Drug Withdrawal
Dry Skin
Ear Infections
Elimination Diet
Erectile Dysfunction
Food Allergies and Intolerances
Food Testing
Frozen Shoulder
Glandular Fever
Gluten Intolerance and Coeliac Disease
Hair Loss/Greying
Heart Disease
Hypertension - High Blood Pressure
Iron Overload and Hemochromatosis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Kidney Stones
Low Energy Level
Lung Congestion
Lyme Disease
Mosquito Bites
Mold Toxicity
MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
MTHFR Gene Mutation
Nettle Stings
NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss)
Numbness or Pains in the Legs
Parkinson’s Disease
Poison Ivy
Prostate Problems
Radiation Exposure
Receding Gums
Restless Leg Syndrome
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Root Canals
Skin Conditions
Sleep Problems - Overcoming
Stomach Upsets
Sun Screen
Tooth Decay (Dental Caries)
URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infections)
Varicose Veins
Viral Infections
Weight Gain - Data
Weight Loss - Data
Weight Loss Tips
White Spots on Nails

Section Twelve - Glossary

     So there you have it. A feast of great data gathered from all over the health world dished up in digestible mouthfuls.

     What more could you ask for as a great start to a brighter, healthier, happier future for you and your loved ones?

     While I am not perfect in applying all the data in my report, that which I do apply has put me into the shape where I can do this exercise routine. pretty much daily. I say this not to brag, because there’s probably tons of other 67 year olds who can do better. But they are by far in the minority. They need more company. Let’s join them! Because it puts my body in shape so I can get it to do the things I want to it to do - enables me to give my grandkids a run for their money and I’d also like to be able to do it with my great grand kids.

     Daily conditioning:

  • 100 leg raises
  • 100 lunges
  • 100 situps
  • 100 steps on tip toes with my right arm held vertically upright
  • 100 steps on tip toes with my left arm held vertically upright
  • 15 x 30 second stretches of all major muscle groups

     Resistance training every second day:

  • 35 pushups hand on hand
  • 35 pushups with hands at shoulder width
  • 35 pushups with hands wider than shoulder width
  • 10 chinups
  • 10 hanging leg ups

     To purchase my special report just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the button [Add to Cart]. If you are not yet convinced, keep reading. If I fail to provide the evidence you need to justify the purchase, drop me an email and ask me any question you like.

The long story:

     Many people have an uneasy feeling, or worse, about the medical establishment.
My research reveals that feeling to be well justified.
In fact I am going to let you in on a shocking truth.
So shocking that many find it hard to accept without a good deal of supporting evidence.
The truth is, right now you are fighting a war you probably don’t even know about.

The secret drug war for your future health

     There is a secret war going on for the control of your mind and body.
The prize is who gets control of your aging body, you or the drug companies.
And how can you possible win a war you don’t even know you are fighting?

     The drug companies want you on an ever increasing number of medications for the symptoms of diseases they cannot cure. As part of this secret war they and their accomplices attack and discredit the very things that could prevent diseases in the first place! Now if that weren’t bad enough, not only do that but they also withhold potentially life saving information from doctors and illegally promote the use of their drugs for conditions they have not the approval to treat.

     You, on the other hand, want to look good, feel great, be healthy, happy and to enjoy life.

     If you win this war you’ll enjoy an old age of reasonable health with your memory and body in good shape, drug and medication free for a very long time. If you lose you’ll be short changed a healthy retirement, and live life increasingly incapacitated and incapable and increasingly dependent on medication. Which would you prefer?

     I want you to win your war.
I want you to have the latest health research and age old secrets.
I want to assist you to escape the greedy clutches of what some call “the sickness industry”!

Do you still trust those who profit only from your sickness and not from your health?

     I am sorry to have to tell you this but the sad, horrible truth of the matter is that you cannot rely on your doctor to know and recommend what is good for your health. Most of them know next to nothing about nutrition and are fed a constant diet of drug company propaganda.

     To do the very best for your health you need to educate yourself. You need to arm yourself with the facts so you don’t fall into traps or step on land mines placed by those who would profit from your sickness.

     Find that hard to believe? On the 12th May, 2010 I received an email from one of the more than a dozen health newsletters to which I subscribe. It tells the story of how a 31 year old women was fired by her doctor. That’s right. Sacked by her own doctor! The writer states,

“...it’s sickening that the majority of healthcare “professionals” refuse to acknowledge that there are natural remedies (instead of drugs and surgery) that are VERY effective at treating sickness and disease...

“Here is a gal who was able to stop 13 years of painful colitis symptoms...”

This is what that doctor’s ex-patient’s writes...

“I’ve now been on it for two weeks and I’ve lost a lot of bloating! I told my doctor about your system and that I wouldn’t be renewing my prescription (and save $500). The next day she called me back and DROPPED me as a patient - after 13 years.

“She said she doesn’t treat Irritable Bowel Disease with diet. I laughed - and will find a new doctor.

“Simply amazing that she has no interest in even hearing about something that could help her other patients.”

     That’s just one of many stories I have heard that cause some to label the medical profession a “disease racket”. They are accused of being focused on building up a client base for whom they are treating the symptoms of incurable diseases rather than maintaining and prolonging good health.

     Sure, not every one in the profession is like that. But too many are and the system bars many doctors from telling you what they know that does not agree with the official line.

     It’s a great thing I am not a doctor. I don’t have those limitations.

How to win the secret war for your mind and body

     In this no holds barred, no punches pulled special report I reveal the latest cutting edge research results from health and anti-aging researchers that will help put you more in control of your own health destiny. This is not a “finish in 5 minutes with nothing new here” read. This anti-aging report contains:

  • 800 pages of solid content
  • Over 125 specific, actionable targets for you to do
  • How to reduce your cancer risk by 77% or more
  • red underscore
  • 100 weight loss tips
  • 50 tips to help overcome sleep problems
  • What you can do to avoid a 40% increase in brain tumor risk
  • How to exercise less but get more benefits
  • Which vitamins should be taken together or with food and which should be taken alone or not with food
  • How to improve memory and intelligence
  • Over 120 hyperlinks to references or additional data on the web
  • A glossary of over 100 definitions for words and abbreviations to save you having to look them up
  • If you are a woman of pre or child bearing age this book even has cutting edge tips on things you can do right now that will improve not just your unborn child’s health but also your grandchildren’s health!

     What are the financial consequences of not having this potentially life saving data?
Somewhere between thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars in future medical bills?

     So what is it worth to get a researcher to spend over 2,000 hours sifting through thousands of emails and reading hundreds of web pages to bring you the information gems that will add more life to your years? If you hired an inexperienced, junior researcher and paid him $20 an hour that adds up to $20,000.

     Don’t put off what it takes to feel better and reduce your health risks. Start doing the things today that will result in a better looking and healthier body, a sharper intellect, better memory and happier you.

“I started your book and read heaps. I loved the action steps and clarity you provide on the terms. I tried out my virtual age and expected date of body demise. Interesting stuff - it made me really think about making my own targets much more specific.

Your section on exercise inspired me and I checked out the high intensity interval training stuff. Since then I have done some Pilates every other day for 30 mins and a programme of skipping and running for the interval training on the other days. I always feel revitalised when I have done my sessions and my muscle tone has improved. I have always known my body likes exercise but had the excuse of “too hard” to fit in with the kids and too expensive to go to the gym. But now I am just “doing it” and the kids sometimes join in too. I like the interval training as I am keeping the focus on fun as well as fitness.” red star - Tara

     With many of the key bits of information in my special report I have included a link to the source article web site so you can click on it to view the entire article or additional data to that which I included.

“The difference about your book is that not only does it provide great data but due to the large number of links you provide it’s like a roadmap to a lot of different data that helps keep your blinkers on.” - Edwin

What’s different about my book?

     As you can see from the above list of chapters, I am not pushing one remedy to solve only one problem. For two years I have heavily invested my time into researching the latest, most effective, natural (non-drug) things you can do to improve your overall, long-term health, not just one small aspect of it.

     All through the book I provide you with specific, actionable targets, things for you to do to start getting the benefits from the data in the book. This removes most of the possibility of you reading the book and not finding yourself implementing the data.

You might be thinking, "Why can’t I do myself what you have done?"

     You can. But be prepared to do the following to get the information in my special report:

  • spend over 2,000 hours of your time
  • accurately spot opinions masquerading as data
  • investigate and resolve contrary data
  • identify false data and outright lies
  • find the appropriate (understandable to a layman) definition for a great many medical terms
  • pay hundreds of dollars for books and subscriptions to receive the latest, cutting edge research results

Fifteen reasons why it is worth far more than $47 for you to get this data now

red star1. The research results documented in this special report are not hypothetical opinions, they are those proven in clinical and field tests to improve your health and well being as well as significantly lower your risk of all sorts of degenerative diseases.

red star2. This anti-aging report will save you 1,000 hours of your time researching the data yourself.

red star3. Many authors deliver a one concept solution. Life is not like that, it is comprehensive, sophisticated and complex. I have cast my research net far and wide to gather anti-aging data to help your age gracefully.

red star4. I have spent considerably more than $97 purchasing newsletters and books to get the data I include in my anti-aging report.

red star5. You will get much more usable data from the 800+ pages of data in this special anti-aging report than a visit to the doctor and this report comes to you at about the cost of a single, unsubsidised visit to the doctor.

red star6. This report gives you data I bet even most doctors don’t know.

red star7. If you pick up and implement just one fact, one idea you don’t already know, that idea has the potential to save you tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical expenses, untold suffering and add years of enjoyment to your life. And with dozens and dozens of tips, you can’t help but find one to implement.

red star8. Even if you spent the time to discover all the tips I have included in this book, along the way you would have been exposed to a large number of contradictory datums, false datums, incomplete data, partial truths and lies, biased and slanted viewpoints etc. I have saved you the time resolving those by distilling the best data and delivering it in a consistent, coordinated and syncronised presentation.

red star9. Having all the data available to you in a single location will provide a time-saving, ready reference guide to it for many years to come.

red star10. There is no risk to you. I am offering you a 100& money back guarantee.

red star11. Many 20 page eBooks sell for $27. And to be charitable, I am told the quality of many of them is ordinary. I am making the hard copy of this heavily researched, top quality, 1,070+ page special anti-aging report available for $147. There’s just no comparison.

red star12. I have in my possession a thick book of health tips. Despite it being less than three years old, many of these tips are actually based on false data and are destructive. You won’t find that sort of destructive advice in my special anti-aging report.

red star13. After reading this report you will have sufficient data to be less likely to trust a doctor implicitly, more likely to double check and get a second opinion. Even to have someone with you when if you have the misfortune of going to hospital. This could save you from being one of the hundreds of thousands of people killed each year by medical accidents. Do you know that is one of the largest single causes of death?

red star14. Each time my wife and I go out for dinner with friends to a local restaurant it costs the four of us about $150. In 20 years time, which are you more likely to remember and be thankful for, a night out or 1,070+ pages of life-saving strategies and tips that changed your life?

red star15. There is one single supplement mentioned in my special report that I personally take and recommend that claims to reduce the aging process by up to 51%! And that is only one of many I take, only one of many I describe in my special report. How would you feel about reducing your aging process by 50%?

Why should you get this book now?

     Traditional marketing strategy dictates that about now I should give you some urgent deadline, a manufactured reason you should take action now otherwise the price of the book will go up, the book will only be sold for x days etc.

     I am not going to do that.

     The truth is your body clock is the best call to action you should ever need! Every day your body is making a million cancer cells. Hopefully, every day your body is also killing a million cancer cells.

     Every day you are consuming foods that increase your body’s inflammation and glycation levels, you are absorbing toxins that overload your body’s cleansing capabilities and you are going futher into nutritional deficit by consuming food deficient in vitamins and minerals and other micronutrients.

     The sooner you take action to learn what to do to minimise the damage being done to your body by the passage of time and these other destructive influences, the sooner you slow the degenerative processes , the younger you will feel and the happier you will be.

     Remember, you will either pay the price it takes to maintain good health or you will pay the price of disease and an early death. Which price you pay is up to you.

     I figure $147 - about the price of a single visit to a doctor - makes this the steal of the century for comparative value.

     Try it out on me.

     If you read it and for what ever reason you do not think the pearls of wisdom contained in my anti-aging report worth substantially more to you than what you paid for it, let me know. I will refund your money. Any time within 60 days of purchase.

     It’s that simple. To access the data straight away, enter your details below, and I will forward you a pdf.

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